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Held in conjunction with FireShowsWest First Responders Training and Education Foundation

Sponsored by Nevada State Fire Marshal Division
September 26 - September 29, 2022

We look forward to seeing you at our
in-person event this year

We thank the Nevada State Fire Marshal Division as a Program Sponsor for sponsoring this important Hazardous Materials Training.

Nevada HazMat Conference Registration Fee $195.00

Nevada Hazmat Registrations

To qualify for the $195.00 conference rate, you must be a Nevada first responder with an interest in hazardous materials.

This registration provides access to class sessions that have been approved by the Nevada State Fire Marshal Division.  
For more information, please contact Jo Anne Hill at (623) 337-4114.


Attendees are provided access only to hazardous materials related class sessions designated by the State Fire Marshal Division’s Training Bureau, the Keynote sessions and access to the Exhibit Hall.


There are no meals included with this registration.

Hands-on Sessions
Anyone planning on participating in the Live Fire Training Session, Liability Wiavers must be on file no later than September 14, 2022.


Each participant must complete a Nevada State Fire Marshal Division Live Burn Accountability form as part of the registra-
tion for FireShowsWest. This form must be signed by the Chief of their agency or the Chief’s designee. A contact phone number for your agency is required.

Download the Liability Waiver Forms


For HazMat program attendees receiving reimbursement from the Nevada State Emergency Response Commission’s Grant Program, attendees must be sponsored by your county’s Nevada LEPC and must attend designated HazMat sessions outlined in this brochure to qualify for grant reimbursement.

Attendees receiving grant reimbursement can only register to attend once their county LEPC has officially been notified of a grant award. Registering before that time will preclude reimbursement by SERC to their LEPC according to SERC’s grant program rules.

Event Cancellation

Should the event be canceled for reasons beyond our control, your deposit may be fully refundable or applied to the 2023 event.


Please contact David Kellogg, VP, Sales
Mobile:  203-788-3794
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