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What is the mission for the Dayle Wellbrock Scholarship?

The mission of the scholarship is to allow members of the fire and emergency services to offer new insights and set new directions to an issue that currently pose challenges to the fire and emergency services.

Who is Dayle Wellbrock?

Dayle Wellbrock was the driving force behind creating a firefighter’s training conference and exposition serving the ten Western states in the Reno, Nevada area since 1997. Dayle had the vision of blending educational training with the introduction of new products and services available for firefighters. Over the years, the conference was known as FireTech Reno, FireShowsReno, and most recently, FireShowsWest. The conference has trained nearly 11,000 firefighters over the years. It has also been a place that vendors can unveil new products directly to their target sales markets.


Dayle passed away on December 6, 2020. He will always be remembered by his fire service colleagues and friends as a person who had a passion for keeping our firefighters well-trained and was always willing to make sacrifices to benefit those who took time out of their busy schedules to enhance their skills and abilities that would ultimately better serve their communities. Dayle’s legacy will live on through the Dayle Wellbrock Scholarship Fund.

What will this Scholarship Award cover?
  • A Full-Conference pass to the FireShowsWest conference

  • $500 stipend for travel and meals

  • Hotel accommodations for three nights

  • Participate on a panel discussion during the conference relating to the program topic’s issues in the fire service

Scholarships are open to residents of North America who are first responders.

What is the Topic?


Applicants are asked to submit a white paper of no more than three (3) pages on two (2) of the following prompts:

In a rapidly evolving landscape, succession planning has become crucial to ensure continuity and growth. However, the focus has shifted towards nurturing the next generation of leaders who will carry the torch forward. Reflect on your own journey within your organization or industry:


Tools for Growth: Consider the tools and resources provided to you for personal and professional growth. Are you getting the support and development opportunities needed to thrive? Explore the effectiveness of the tools at your disposal and identify areas where improvement is needed.


Leadership Support: Reflect on the role of current leaders in facilitating your growth. What actions do you believe effective leaders should take to empower the next generation? Discuss specific examples or experiences where leadership support has been instrumental in your development.


Generational Dynamics: Generational culture can significantly influence workplace dynamics and opportunities for growth. How do you perceive the impact of generational differences on your ability to progress within your organization? Consider communication styles, work preferences, and attitudes towards leadership.


Vision for the Future: Envision the ideal scenario for succession planning in your organization or industry. What changes or initiatives would you like to see implemented to better prepare the next generation of leaders? How can organizations bridge the gap between different generations to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for growth?


In your response, draw from personal experiences, observations, and insights to provide a comprehensive analysis of succession planning and its implications for the next generation of leaders.

What is the Selection Process?

The Selection panel will consist of individuals selected by the FireShowsWest leadership. The panel will review the applications and white paper submissions, conduct an interview with finalists and provide a recommendation to the FireShowsWest Board of Directors who will make the final scholarship award decision(s).

How Many Scholarships are Available?

We intend to award up to three (3) scholarships in 2024 based on the review of applications. The number of scholarships may vary year to year. There may be more or fewer scholarships awarded in succeeding years.

Award Date

The recipients of each scholarship for the 2024 conference will be notified of their award around August 15, 2024.

DAYLE HEADSHOT - 7259210_fbs.jpg
In Memoriam
Dayle Wellbrock and Carole Wellbrock
CAROLE HEADSHOT-7259213_fbs.jpg

The FireShowsWest family was very saddened to hear the news of the passing of Dayle Wellbrock, Founder and President of FireShowsWest, on December 5, 2020.

Dayle was the enthusiastic, driving force behind FireShowsWest and his love of training first responders was in his DNA.  For the past 23 years, Dayle was the visionary of providing outstanding education and training to firefighters throughout the West coast. He loved the excitement of planning for the opening of the exhibit hall. Every year, he was so excited to welcome everyone to the event and looked forward to shaking hands with the exhibitors and attendees. His big smile, his contagious laugh and daily inspiration will be deeply missed by many.

His wife, Carole, was by his side at every conference and became the sweet face that greeted everyone in registration. 

Three days after Dayle's passing, Carole went home to be with the Lord on December 8, 2020.  The FireShowsWest family was devastated to learn of Carole's passing.

In memory of their passion and vision for keeping firefighters safe and healthy through excellent training, the Dayle Wellbrock Scholarship Fund has been established and will provide scholarships to attend the annual FireShowsWest Conference and Expo beginning in 2021.

Event Cancellation

Should the event be canceled for reasons beyond our control, your deposit may be fully refundable or applied to the 2025 event.


Please contact Trish Bonari
Mobile:  775-219-1537
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