Virtual Conference Tips

As we move FireShowsWest Conference & Expo to a virtual format, we are committed to offering a robust Conference experience, including education sessions, keynotes, vendor showcases, and networking opportunities.

In order to have the best experience possible, we invite you to review the following recommendations.

Participate in Sessions

You will get the most out of FireShowsWest Conference & Expo experience when you actively participate!

  • Introduce yourself in the chat window when you enter a session.

  • Follow the interaction guidelines and etiquette rules set by the session moderator.

  • Explore session resources and participate in any polls and other interactive elements.

  • Consider collaboration. If you are attending with team members, use Google Docs or other collaboration tool to share notes on sessions.

  • When the session has ended, complete the short evaluation before moving on to the next session or leaving the event platform.

  • Follow-up with session presenters in the networking areas

Explore the Virtual Expo Hall 

  • The FireShowsWest Conference & Expo platform includes an Expo Hall, showcasing vendors and exhibitors.  Vendor “booths” will have video introductions, downloadable resources, and staff with whom you can interact.

  • Interactions include chats with staff in each of the booths. Take some time to:

  • Explore each booth in the Virtual Expo Hall and participate in our gamification to win prizes! We will have a drawing at the end of each day based on participation in the Expo area, and we will have prizes from our exhibitors! Specifics will be shared closer to the event.

  • Access the Expo Hall early (before it officially opens). Consider in advance who you might like to meet with during open hours.

Set Up Your Personal Virtual Conference Space

  • The virtual Conference & Expo takes place over four days (September 28 through October 1) with sessions, expo hall interaction and networking taking place throughout each day. We recommend that you set up your personal conference space in advance.

  • Create a folder on your computer to save the Conference resources that interest you.

  • Block off time on your calendar so that others know you are busy. Be comfortable with saying no to meetings or appointments during that time—just like you would if you were attending an onsite conference.

  • Create a Conference document and take notes. This can also help you stay focused on the content.

  • Stay hydrated and fed! Set yourself up with some tasty snacks and drinks before you settle in.

  • Wear your conference badge (kidding!). Wear whatever is most comfortable to you, and be prepared to come on camera (completely optional) for social sessions that you are interested in participating in.

  • Find a quiet space. Use headphones or earbuds to ensure you can hear as well as possible.

Take Regular Breaks

  • Any conference experience can be exhausting, and we recommend that you schedule breaks for yourself throughout the day.

  • Stand and stretch (you can even do this during sessions).

  • Access the virtual Conference early riser mindfulness videos on-demand.

  • Step away from your computer. We’ll still be here, and you can catch up with sessions on-demand. Remember, you will have access to the virtual Conference content until January 2021.

Share Your Experience

  • The 2020 FireShowsWest Conference and Expo will be using #FSW2020 to highlight topic-specific content and to promote networking between speakers, attendees, and those who are not able to attend.

  • Additionally, here are several other ways that you can connect:

  • Connect in conversation in the networking areas.

  • Explore the Expo Hall and engage in conversation with exhibitors.

  • Actively participate in session-specific chats and Q&A.

  • Check out the 2020 FireShowsWest Conference & Expo Facebook page for posts and photos .

  • Share your Virtual Conference experience on social media with photos of where you are participating from, the weather where you are, or just of your coffee and slippers!

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