FireShowsWest Virtual Program Sessions

These sessions will be available "On-Demand"
through November 30, 2020

Mark your calendars to attend FireShowsWest 2021
September 27 - 30, 2021
Nugget Hotel

Sparks, Nevada

Thank you for being part of FireShowsWest's
2020 Virtual Conference

Are You Ready for the Collar Brass? Parts 1 & 2
Instructors:   Paul Sullivan & Kevin Ward
Build It and They Will Come
Instructor:   Derek Reid
Chemical Suicides
Instructor:   Jeffrey Zientek
Courage Under Fire Leadership:   7 Deadly Sins and 7 Ways to Win - (2 hr)

Instructor:  Steve Prziborowski

Dangerous Properties of Hazardous Materials
Instructor:  Randy Perlis
Dealing with the Tough Stuff - A Discipline Primer -   Parts 1 & 2
Instructor:  Paul Sullivan
Defensible Space Inspections - Challenges Faced by the Inspectors
Instructor:  Chris McMaster
Emerging Terrorist Threats for First Responders
Instructor:  Chris Angermuller
Fireground Size-Up 'Forensics' - Discover What You Have Been Missing
Instructor:  Mark Emery
Firefighter Wellness During Crisis Events:  Resources, Tools and Strategies
Instructors:  Dr. David Black and Todd LeDuc
Fire Coaching Friday Series
Fire Prevention Week  - "Out of the Box and Down the Road"
Instructor:  Meredith Hawes
Flammable Refrigerants
Instructor:  Robert Sullivan
Food Truck Safety Requirements
Instructor:  Robert Sullivan
Habits of Highly Effective Incident Commanders
Instructor:  Kevin Ward

Hazardous Materials Response for the First Due Company

Instructor:  David Ladd
Hazmat Officer Development
Instructors:  Mark  Sicuso and Jeff Post
HazMat Role in Confined Space
Instructor:   Jeffrey Zientek
How NOT to be there and NOT do That
Instructor:  Mark Emery
How to Nail Your First-Due Strategic Responsibility (Parts 1 & 2)
Instructor:  Mark Emery
It's Not Rocket Science - Tactical Considerations and Actions; 
Understanding the "Why"  
Instructor:  Paul Strong
Keynote Session -  Managing Across the Generations
Instructor:  Steven Shepard, Ph.D.

Keynote Session - COVID19 - Lessons Learned and Future Impacts

Instructor:   Jeff Meston

Leadership for the Fire and Emergency Services
Instructor: Steve Hirsch

NFPA Hot Work Safety Certification Program
Instructor:  Robert Sullivan

NFPA Update
Instructor:  Kelly Ransdell

NFPA 855 and Firefighter Concerns: Energy Storage Systems
Instructor:  Robert Sullivan
Organic Chemistry for Hazmat Responders
Instructor:  Randy Perlis
Performance Design, Helping your Department Fulfill its Mission
Instructor:  Dean Sparaco
Rescue Me - Managing Employee Fires
Instructor: Jesse Quinalty
Reset and Recharge: How to Manage Stress in Uncertain Times
Instructor: Jeff Dill
Reset and Recharge: Taking Care of Our Mental Health in Uncertain Times
Instructor:  Ali Rothrock
Reverse Engineering the Future
Instructor:    Steven Shepard, Ph.D.
RIC for Real - Lessons learned from 400 Firefighters during Elevated Stress RIC Training
Instructor:  Paul Strong
Save Time and Money with Cooperative Procurement
Instructor:  Crosby Grindle
Strengthening Wellness During Times of Crisis
Instructors:  Gordon Graham and Dr. David Black

Structure Fire Simulation Exercise  (Parts 1 & 2)
Instructor:  Mark Emery
Tactical Decontamination for Hazardous Materials  & WMD Incidents
Instructor:  David Ladd


The Art of Reading Smoke - Color
Instructor:  Rob Backer

The Art of Reading Smoke - Velocity
Instructor:  Rob Backer

The Case for Diversity and Inclusivity
Instructor:  Ali Rothrock

The Essentials of Honorable Leadership-Parts 1/2/3
Instructor:  Mark Emery

The Holidays and First Responders – How to Cope With Increased Stress
Instructor:  Ali Rothrock

The Past, the Present, and the Future of the Fire Service

Instructor:  Ed Mann

The Quest for Success
Instructor:  Mark Emery

Time Management when there is No Time

Instructor:  Jesse Quinalty

Vacation Home Rental~ Fire and Life Safety
Instructor:  Eric Guevin

What is Killing Firefighters? Preventing Future Fatalities  by Learning from the Past

Instructor:   Robert Krause

What Is Peer Support and How Can I Help
Instructor:  Derek Reid

Yoga and Mindfulness, Help is on the Way!
Instructor:  Shannon McQuaide






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