Keynote Sessions

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Dr. Steven Shepard

Keynote Session

Managing Across the Generations

There are four generations in the workplace today: Baby Boomers, Generation-X, Millennials, and the latest addition, the Plurals. They all want the same thing from work and life, but they want it in radically different ways—as we’ll see in this presentation.

Organizations that understand how to attract, inspire, motivate, lead, manage, and develop the different generational cadres that make up the workforce will get the most from their people and enjoy a stable and effective employee base. This is particularly important when we take into account the fact that the Boomers, who were the largest generation in human history and are now retiring in droves, have been eclipsed in size by the Millennials—and the Plurals aren’t far behind.

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Fire Chief Jeff Meston


Keynote Session

"COVID19- Lessons Learned and Future Impacts"

Chief Meston uses his extensive experience over his career and during the current public health crisis to reflect on lessons learned by the importance of maintaining strong communications with all; the importance and effectiveness of the Incident Command System, even if you are not the one “in charge;” intelligence gathering not being just for law enforcement, how the fire service needs and can use accurate data; realizing that every statistic is a person with impact on others; the strengths and contributions of the National Guard in serving local communities and states; and, credibility and trust—the power of a fire truck, badge and uniform to effectively serve a community.


Finally, Chief Meston looks back to the future with lessons learned from the last Great Depression and how sorrow accompanies opportunity to improve your agency’s service delivery.  Pushed to the breaking point, we care for our communities while rising to the challenge of caring for our own.

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