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2023 CEU



Columbia Southern University

International Code Council

National Fire Academy

Nevada State Fire Marshal Division

Please see each section below for additional details.

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Certification Certificates will be issued through the Nevada State Fire Marshal Division for several approved sessions.

Students attending classes listed in the Fire Prevention track are awarded ICC approved CEU's through the Fire Prevention Association of Nevada (FPAN), an ICC Preferred Provider.

Upon completion of the class session, a certificate will be issued that reflects the CEU credits.

For more information, please contact Jeff Donahue, FPAN representative via email at


The Continuing Education Department at CSU is proud to be the official CEU provider for FireShowsWest Conference.


At the conclusion of the conference you may request your CEU certificate through the link below. Once your request has been processed and your attendance has been verified your certificate will be sent to you via email.


Please note CEUs will vary based on sessions attended. There is also a $25.00 convenience fee associated with the service.


Participant CEU Request Form: Request CEUs | Approved Events | CEU (


For more information please contact,


The International Code Council is the leading global source of model codes and standards and building safety solutions that include product evaluation, accreditation, technology, training, and certification. The Code Council's codes, standards, and solutions are used to ensure safe, affordable, and sustainable communities and buildings worldwide.

ICC Preferred Provider LOGO.jpg

Fire Prevention Association of Nevada is an ICC Preferred Provider for training and education.

The following classes have been approved by ICC for CEU Credits through FPAN, a preferred ICC course provider.

FP1 School Safety: How to Develop Collaborative Solutions
ICC Course Number        33098

FP2 Facing a Challenge? Fund a Solution!
ICC Course Number        33102

FP3 Understanding the International Code Council (IBC & IFC) Hazardous Materials Require
ICC Course Number        33104

FP4 So You Want to Be a Fire Marshal - Leaping from the Frying Pan into the Fire
ICC Course Number        33105

FP5 Smoke Control System Inspection & Testing
ICC Course Number        Not Assigned

FP6 Battery Energy Storage - Application of Codes & Standards - NFPA 855
ICC Course Number        33109

FP7 NFPA Update
ICC Course Number        33111

FP8   Part 1 – Cannabis Hazards & the new NFPA 420

ICC Course Number        33113

FP8   Part 2 – Residential Sprinklers & Developer Incentives
ICC Course Number        33114

FP9 Things That Burn in the Night
ICC Course Number        33115

FPSH1   Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Testing - NFPA 25

FPSH8   Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Testing - NFPA 25
ICC Course Number        33100

FPSH2  Fire Alarm Inspection and Testing - NFPA 72
ICC Course Number        33103

FPSH4   Fire Inergen Suppression Inspection and Testing and Ansul Inergen Systems Manual
ICC Course Number        33108

FPSH5   Fire Foam Suppression Inspection - NFPA 11 and Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection
ICC Course Number        33110

FPSH3   Fire Pump Inspection and Testing - NFPA 25

FPSH6   Fire Pump Inspection and Testing - NFPA 25
ICC Course Number        33112

Event Cancellation

Should the event be canceled for reasons beyond our control, your deposit may be fully refundable or applied to the 2024 event.


Please contact David Kellogg, VP, Sales
Mobile:  203-788-3794
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